Irrigation and Lighting Control for Golf Courses

Cloudmaster® gives golf course managers:

  • Centralised Control
  • Versatile Irrigation Schedule
  • Irrigation Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Storm Alarm
  • Stand Alone or Large Network Control
  • SMS Control and Alarm Notification

Satellite or Decoder

Cloudmaster® can be configured from 10 to 400 stations with units scattered around the course in a conventional satellite style or 2-wire decoder system or a combination of both. The system can be operated entirely through the controller keypad & displays or from the Cloudmaster® Windows® based PC software.

A detailed historical log of events can be displayed in the unit’s display. Information includes station on/off times, override operations, water usage, hydraulic and wiring faults, power fails, etc. You can start at a particular date and step backwards and forwards in time to see exactly what happened.


Irrigation scheduling can be entered in 6 different ways. Which allows stations to be programmed totally independently from all the others or in back to back sequences of stations. Loop sequences and duration times down to 1 second allow mist cycles to be set up. The optional ‘Weather-Watcher’ sensor allows the interval between waterings to be automatically adjusted by light level and temperature.

Three inputs can be connected to any voltage free, closing contact type sensors such as a rain sensor, a frost thermostat or a contact head type flow meter.

Stand Alone or Large Network

Cloudmaster® can be used as a stand alone controller or remotely from a central PC. Communications can be via radio telemetry (dedicated or shared channel), telephone land line, cellular, LAN (local area network) or direct cable link. The central PC software can control a single, or many, remote sites.

See more info on the technical specifications for centralised control.

Graphical view of a typical golf course.

SMS Control & Alarm Notification

The CDMA modem option allows remote connection from any notebook or desktop PC running the Cloudmaster® Windows® software and control commands to be sent directly to the Cloudmaster® unit. In this way you can manually turn stations on and off, stop and start programs, check what is currently on, turn rain mode on and off etc. from anywhere in the world from any mobile phone. For extra security you can optionally nominate a list of mobile phone handsets from which commands may be sent.

Also, certain alarm conditions including power fails, wireing faults, flowrate errors, rain or frost conditions etc. can be setup to send an SMS message to a mobile phone immediately the problem occurs.

SMS Storm Alarm

One of our golf course clients is using the SMS facility to allow pro shop staff to activate hooters that are located around the course for a certain number of seconds to warn players of an approaching lightning hazard.

Other Features

  • Up to 500 start times per day.
  • 1 second to 250 hour run times.
  • 6 programming methods:
  • Clock and program backed up by internal 10-year battery.
  • Volumetric or timeclock scheduling.
  • Repeat cycle from 1 to 28 days.
  • Water any number of stations simultaneously.
  • Inbuilt lightning protection
  • PC link ready (Windows® PC software is optional extra)
  • Detailed historical log of all system activity
  • Optional password protection on keypad access
  • Flow meter input with realtime total and flowrate monitor
  • Rain and frost sensor inputs

Reference Sites

Reference Sites

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