Weather Watcher Mist Controller

Automatic Mist Propagation Controller

Weather Watcher Mist ControllerThis unit does not sense humidity or moisture directly.

Automatic Mist Propagation is the technique of keeping the foliage of cuttings covered with a thin film of moisture and the growing medium damp but not wet. Our “Weather Watcher” electronic mist controllers do this automatically by sensing weather conditions and adjusting the misting rate accordingly.

Healthier growth results because:

  • Maximum light and warmth can be allowed into the glasshouse without “burning” the foliage.
  • Lower leaf temperatures reduce dehydration.
  • High humidity is maintained in glasshouse or igloo.

What is “Weather Watcher” ?

The “Weather Watcher” sensor measures both light intensity and air temperature within the growing area and adjusts the misting rate as these two factors vary. Light is the overriding factor so that at night misting normally stops. This method is very robust and stable over many decades.

Advantages are:

  1. No “leaf” or delicate tipping arm sensors to clutter your bench or maintain.
  2. No humidity or moisture sensor to drift out of calibration over time due to the build up of residue on the sensor from the evaporation process.
  3. Automatically adjusts to weather conditions—no clocks to set.
  4. Adjustable sensor control. You set a ‘wetness’ to suit your crop/glasshouse conditions.
  5. Unaffected by quality of water.

Weather Watcher Mist Controller

For the larger scale propagator who grows in open-air beds or in a series of 2 or more glasshouses or igloos.

  • This unit provides a cycle of four 24v outputs to standard solenoid valves situated some distance away providing flexibility of operation and maximum use of water supply.
  • Each station can be set to ‘Auto’ (sensor controlled), ‘Off’ (station does not mist) or ‘On’ (constant open valve).
  • A duration of around 3 to 45 seconds can be set individually for each station.
  • A ‘function’ switch allows the whole controller to ‘Auto’ (sensor controlled), ‘Off’ (misting stops completely) or ‘Repeat’ (mist cycle repeats constantly).
  • Meter indicates the current misting rate set by the knob.