Jeffery Electronics

Jeffery Electronics is a family owned, Sydney based, 100% Australian company with a 40+ year track record in designing and manufacturing irrigation and propagation mist control systems.

Our History

In 1960 Grahame Jeffery designed and produced an “electronic leaf” mist propagation controller using filter/blotting paper for the sensing element. This product proved superior to others then available because he was able to solve the electrolysis problem.

In 1976 he developed the innovative “Weather Watcher” sensor which measured light and temperature, not moisture avoiding many of the problems associated with evaporative sensing devices and timeclocks. This product set a new standard for the industry and has become very popular with thousands of units sold since 1976 and many of the original units still running successfully today.

In 1980 Grahame launched “Compu-Rain”, one of the very first programmable microprocessor irrigation controllers to be marketed in Australia.

In 1982 we became a company, Jeffery Electronic Control Pty Limited, with son Brett as one of the 3 directors.

Brett took the Compu-Rain idea and developed the “Cloudmaster” System. This system has been used in large central PC controlled Council networks, golf clubs, nurseries both large and small and in hydroponics.

Our Awards

In 1996, the Cloudmaster was recognised by the Institute of Municipal Engineering Australia when it won the Engineering Excellence Award for ‘Automated Floodlighting and Irrigation Reticulation Systems’ for Bankstown City Council.


Our range of controllers have been extensively marketed throughout Australia and many units have been exported to countries including New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Malaysia. Our innovative and reliable products and solid after sales service have created a market despite the many big multinational players.  To date much of our business has come from word of mouth.