Northern District Hockey Association Case Study

Northern Districts Hockey Association Site

NDHA has two synthetic Hockey Fields located within Pennant Hills Park. Each field is surrounded with 8 poles, each with 4 lamps attached for floodlighting.

The synthetic turfs require an Irrigation System. This is provided by 6 water cannons around each turf attached to a controller.

In 2016 the club had a big problem with the floodlighting not being turned off after training, and people modifying set irrigation programs causing over, under or uneven water on the turfs. Discussion with REES, our electricians, recommended that we install the Cloudmaster system to overcome both problems.

April 2017 saw the installation of the Cloudmaster control box and transfer of floodlight and irrigation controls. The change was amazing. Jeffrey’s gave us great support. Educating our members on the Cloudmaster systems functionality, setting up the differing programs for lighting (4) and irrigation (12), remote operational access, and quickly responding to our enquiries.

The greatest benefit to the club is having remote access to the system control box. The control box is now locked outside of competition bookings. Watering and lighting throughout the week is now managed by four committee members using their mobile phones. They are also assisted by remote vision of the fields via our security cameras.

Pat McCabe – Northern District Hockey