Gondwana Nursery Case Study

Gondwana Nursery is wholesale production nursery specialising in native plants. We distribute them up and down the east coast of Australia. From the outset 20 years ago, we made a commitment to grow plants using the most up to date procedures and technologies that were tried and tested yet still looking to break new ground.

The business of growing plants depends very much on a number of things, but up there near the top is a reliable, user friendly and well designed irrigation control system which utilizes all the benefits that come with the internet age.We have 13 outside layout areas and 9 greenhouses, all of which have their own irrigation requirements, given the fussy nature of native plants.

Some of the features I like most about the JEC Cloudmaster are;

  1. The computer interface with the photo of the entire nursery and the ability to delineate the layouts.
  2. Just a click of the mouse and all the irrigation options are available for each layout.
  3. We have recently installed the SMS 3G modem facility, which is just so handy…we can check in on a report and turn stations on or off anywhere there is mobile phone reception…this takes all the stress out of being away from the nursery during times of high stress like hot weather.
  4. It is incredibly reliable, unlike other controllers we had used in the past. Its “Eliminator” power line filter is a great asset.
  5. It is versatile, accommodating programs for propagation misting, loop cycles for bottom up irrigation and sand filter backwash, frost control and standard overhead irrigation.
  6. JEC customer support is excellent….Brett is always there to assist.
  7. I like its modular set up…as we grow we have been able to install Slave units with wireless connection….no cables underground which are prone to transience’s from lightning strikes.
  8. The reporting facility is indispensible, especially the alarms for broken wires, warnings and daily history.

I would recommend the JEC Cloudmaster without hesitation.

Gahan Gilfedder
Gondwana Nursery

Nursery Screen Shot
Overview of Nursery in Cloudmaster®


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